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I've been blogging for quite sometime now and it was only last year when I started to join a site that monetize my blog. There were several sites that I looked because I also wanted to know if these sites are real and not just a hoax. Some I find it questionable but there is one that stand out and there blog marketing is just awesome. But at first I asked friends about how they find this site and they are a hundred percent telling me it's not a hoax it's the real one. So I joined in and start to add my blogs. For weeks I waited for my blog to be approved and I was so happy when they approved my blog because that means I have a chance to get something to write on. At first I had a hard time figuring out how to get an opportunity and write about it but in IZEA you are never alone. You can asked what ever you want and they are their ready to answer your question.  It also helps me a lot monetary wise. Then I also gain friends which is really great, a great bonus!  For now, I am enjoying what I am doing. I so wish that I will have more opportunity to write on because I have a lot to offer. And most of all I have a good audience from different set of people. 


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