Window make over

Every time hubby and I go somewhere even in our neighboring town or cities, I always drawn to places that has lots of live plants most specially if it is flowers. It is only here in the US that I find plants that are alive being planted near a mall or any public places and somebody took care of it. One time I was at my friends house and she just finished renovating her window. She  once told me that they need to change their window because in Winter they could feel a draft that comes from those area. This Summer her wishes come true she had a good window make over, and to top it all in front of the window she put window flower boxes. She told me she found this website that sells different kinds of window boxes and she had a hard time choosing which one she is going to buy. I was there at her house when her husband installed those window plant boxes, then I helped her plant the flowers. I was impressed how good it looks. It added the house appeal when we put something in front of the window. I took a picture of each window box so hubby could see how pretty it was. Our house has a huge window in front and sometimes I feel like we are inside a huge tv looking from the road because nothing is blocking the sight. That's when I decided to get a window plant boxes too. It added to the house appeal much so, I love to see every morning looking out seeing all my plants in bloom. That would be cool!!


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