It's the season again.

What is all about sports that people are hook every time a new season opens. Last few weekends the men are so glued in front of the tv watching their favorite sports. Number one sports that they like to watched is football, baseball, basketball, and hockey. We women sometimes just stayed in the kitchen doing our chit-chatting and of course preparing their food. Usually, we only prepare finger kind of foods but later on when I started cooking good Asian food the women started to bring their own specialty too which it became like a dinner to everyone.
What makes it funnier is when the men started to bet their favorite player or team. Since they do love their respective team they go online sports betting so to make sure that who really wins will get the money property and timely without any disagreement or what. Which is for me is just fair because you know sometimes when it is just a betting that you just agree and nothing tie you to it, it ended up with a quarrel. Anyway, they've been doing it for sometime and it works for them really well. Some lose and some win that makes it a lot of fun. Last week they are crazy about the  football betting spot  that they go online every time a game starts. It's a spot that when you bet for a certain football team you just go online and that's what the men do. It does worked for them and hope it work for others too. It's the season again to enjoy watching the sports we love and hope everybody do the same. Ciao!


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