Golf packages in Myrtle beach

My step-son and his family where at Myrtle beach last Labor day weekend. They stayed there for a week!! I was so envious when I saw all their pictures because as I see it, it's very pretty down there. I've been asking my hubby that we are going to have our vacation but hubby says all the time to me maybe later. Well, it change a little bit for now. After he saw all the pictures he is very enthusiastic visiting Myrtle beach. His son told him to visit the site and from there look around and he did.
So he found out that in Myrtle beach it's not only about the beach or ocean. He found out that there are a lot of places that are worthy to visit. And because he loves to play golf he found out that the Myrtle Beach golf courses are just fabulous!! If he is very picky in some golf courses here in our area he was dumbfounded with what he saw on the website. And it's not that all, he also discovered that if we go there we could get Myrtle Beach golf packages and it gives us my hubby specifically what he likes to do.  Now he is planning that we will visit Myrtle beach this coming Winter when everything here is snowing while we are walking at the beach ^_^


Golfholidays said…
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