Fenced In

                                                                     Carnival fence

                                                                 A stone double fence

                                                                  A swimming pool fence
                                                                      Animal fence
                                            I am linking to Round Robin Photo Challenge 


I thought at first that carnival fence shot was itself really colorful, but I guess that's just banners on a different inner fence. Still, it's a very colorful shot. The stone blocks for the car demolition derby fence seem like they would be really heavy to move around, but also pretty good for keeping an out-of-control car inside.

Nice fence shots, all four of them!
What a fun day! Thank you for finding my blog and for your great advice on my blog :)

Dropped by so I could follow you.

Have a lovely weekend!

Linda said…
Nice variety of fences you captured!
fredamans said…
Fantastic fencing!!
George said…
I like your examples of being fenced in.
Jama said…
Nice collection of fences here, but the one that really catch my eyes is the double stone fences at the derby.
Rich said…
Great collection of fences, I really like shot 1 and 2. That demolition derby looks like fun.
Carly said…
Oooh... Nice variety of fences and what's behind them! I especially liked the one with the pool! They looked like they were having fun. :) Fun is always nice to see. :)


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