Local girls

It's Saturday today, everybody is thinking where to take their weekend get away. Well tonight hubby and I are going to a party and after that we are thinking of meeting our friends somewhere. Last night we were at my SIL for  dinner, and over there some grand kids were there. It was funny because all of my DH grand sons are out in high school now in other words they are young adults. If you are surrounded with young adults it's funny to listen to them. We just listened to their talked and laughed with them. One of  DH grand son says that he like to start dating now. After graduating high school last May and no girlfriend he says that it's about time to meet local girls for fun. I told her it's better to start meeting girls locally than meeting girls from out of the state. I continue to tell him that if it's a local girl at least we knew her family and we see her often. My DH told him to take it  easy and enjoy being young adult.


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