What am I thinking today?

I have a mesh mash thoughts today. One thought is what happened yesterday. I had a second interview will not a set down interview but the manager asked me to try their machine and I think I did pretty good at it. I only  hope that I will be called next week for the job. It will be great. I was hired three years ago but I quit after 3 weeks, that workplace is too far it takes almost an hour for me to drive. Now it will only take at least 15 minutes to be there. The second thought is my family back in the Philippines. My niece who is taking up nursing course is not going to school anymore. She dropped everything and just took off, she is 21 years old. Me and her Uncle (my brother) don't know why she just took off. So we asked her friends and we gather some information that we never thought she do it. 
Right now I am setting her, typing this post and at the same time feeling blue. But I don't want this feeling to over ride me, there are many to be thankful of. I do thank God that we are here, in good health and doing fine. All the storms in life will always pass by, and I see what's going on now as one of those storms. 


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