Weekend Reflection

This year hubby and I didn't went out the state for vacation, rather we decided to become a local tourist. And to my surprise, here in Michigan there are a lot of places that even my hubby whose been born here and live here through all his life had not visited yet. Last two weeks ago, we went to Crossroads Village and Huckleberry Railroad. Why it is name Huckleberry Railroad is because along the railroad are plenty of huckleberry plants and people who is aboard the train will jump out and took some huckleberry and jump in again. Well now you can't do it the train is much faster than before ^_^.

And aside of the old train and railroad, the Crossroads Village is there too. All the old buildings (more than a century old houses and building)  are relocated in this area and the county preserved them. Above reflection is and old dressmaker store.

The picture on the left is a window from a log cabin. And on the right side is an old standing mirror that when I saw it I like to take it home lol!!
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Sylvia K said…
Lovely reflections for the day! Love the old house and what a great mirror! Haven't seen one like that in a while! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Carolyn Ford said…
Wonderful reflections! I love the totally different window styles in the first 2 photos and those standing mirrors are always so lovely in a room. Have a very nice holiday weekend!
cieldequimper said…
These are super, I love window reflections and both are so evocative. The first of temptation and the second of a quiet life in the woods. Lovely!
Tracy said…
Lovely photos! Sometimes the biggest surprises are close to home! Have a wonderful weekend.
Lesley said…
I, too, have been discovering lovely spots right near home.
That shop looks like some place nice to have a wander through.
Ann said…
I like that white gown, but I will have to lose 20 to 30 lbs to fit in it.

I was shock this winter, I put on 5 lbs, it just crept on, didn't even realise it. LOL
Regina said…
Beautiful captures and reflections Manang Kim.

Have a great weekend.
Hilda said…
I like the story about the huckleberry! This is such a charming shop.
Carletta said…
I love old places like this that give us a glimpse of how life used to be.
Lovely shots! The window of the cabin is my favorite.
Excellent images. They invoke a gentler time. Well done.
George said…
You got good reflections in all of these, but I think you got a great reflection in your first photo. Very nice.
Beverley Baird said…
What great shadows! Love the old mirror!
Sometimes a staycation is the best kind of vacation - so much to really see better!
michael said…
It looks like a wonderful place. It is always nice to discover nice locations close to home.

You have a bright light in your head. Did you know that?

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