Wild grapes

I was walking around the house and I happened to go a little bit father but I had so much fun though. Well not all fun actually because when I looked up this wild grapes I didn't noticed there is a deep hole in front of me and I stumbled on it and I fell down. Thankfully, My feet was not strained or anything and of course my camera I hold it so tightly that it never touched any grass what so ever hahah. Well  I guess you can imagine my position when I fell down in that hole with my arms up holding my camera.
Anyhow, yes I see this tiny green wild grapes. My hubby told me that long time ago it was not wild because his parents and grandparents plants many kind of berries around their property. I think we all knew that people before us farm themselves for their food and daily. Now I am making a good eye on this one because there is a lot. Can't wait to see it when it is ripe. ^_^


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