Got a winning voice?

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Popstation. All opinions are 100% mine.

Yesterday after hubby and I went for out outdoor adventure at Huckleberry village, we immediately went to a friends house for a birthday party. As always food is flooded and chit chatting with everybody is fun. But what is most funnier is the karaoke moment. When you come to a party of Filipino it is expected to have great food and great entertainment. And doing karaoke is one of them. It is not rare to any Filipino who can't sing but it is rare to find a great voice. In this time and generation if you have a very good voice and you need to excel on it there are many avenues to explore and to be discover.
One avenue to be discovered if you really believe in yourself that you have a great voice is to visit PopStation. What you gonna do is to visit it and enter. But I know for sure many would ask what is a PopStation then? Well it is an online singing experience where we who loves to sing would have a  chance to be discovered and maybe put way up on the music chat, how cool is that? Even I am so excited to this because I love to sing I know I am not a professional singer but who knows, if luck strikes it strike once!!
One thing is great too is that in this online singing entertainment they have a
practice rooms where you can choose the day to when you are going to practice for 2 weeks and people are encourage to be their own. I so love this one this is my first time to know this and I am excited to share this to my friends as well.
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