Yesterday and today..

As usual hubby and I on weekend want to go elsewhere. I looked at in the internet what is the best town to visit. Luckily, yesterday we wen to visit Huckleberry railroad and  the old village. I saw the old train and the old village as well. They had a good job redoing the old appeal of an old village. The old grocery store, barbershop, houses and others are still intact and inside are also the same. It is like surreal I feel that when I stepped inside I am in another time. I love visiting this kind of town and hubby had a good time talking to people. Today, we went to church at 10:30am and it is the Assumption of Mary. The Catholic church honor her for being the Mother of Jesus, we don't worship her because it's only for God. After attending church we went to get our grocery. There is only the two of us we don't buy to much hubby knew it so well haha. After grocery shopping we went home and I just layed in the couch feeling a couch potato hehe. Hubby was checking his email he likes it though. So that is all for now folks time to go night night!


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