Water is important

People love camping some don't. I am in the middle I think. One time hubby and I went to a camping with my DH daughters and her family I noticed that they don't have a running water. We didn't go to any campground we stayed at my DH daughter property by a man made lake and we are in the middle of the woods. They got a porter potty but no running water. I then feel uncomfortable doing something personal because for me water is very important. I can live without electricity but without water it's different. I remember I immediately shared it to hubby and that night we decided to find a rest room somewhere to get us a shower and find a hotel hahahaha.
You see water is very important to each and everyone of us. The Office of water is here to give us a lot of information in order for us to know how important to save water. And by saving water we also Save Energy. I think we should know and it's our responsibility to know all of this things. I hate to see people just can't understand that saving water is adding a lifetime to others too. I don't know if others could agree me but what if we can't find water underground because we are too careless and we don't care? One thing that I do believe too is that we have to plant trees because trees could hold gallons of water.
I remember one time I woke up in the middle of the night because I heard that a water is dripping. At first I look around inside our cabinets where pipes can be seen but still there is no leak that I could found. So I went back to bed but the dripping is so vivid I could hear it too well and it makes me not get to sleep. So I woke up hubby and find the dripping or leaking somewhere and he did, it was in the basement. He told me he would fix it in the morning, I said okey but when he went up stairs I took a pail and basin to save the water.
This morning hubby complains all our shower heads ^_^. He told me it isn't good anymore it take him forever to rinse the soap on his head because of how tiny the holes and he thinks some of it are already  blocked by rust I guess. For me that is not a problem I know of a certain website name takeashower.com and they had huge choices of shower heads with different colors to choose from.What makes it very cool is that it feels like a fire hydrant but when the water landed on your head it's soft and what matters most it doesn't take you forever to rinse the soap on your head and your body because the pressure is powerful. I think  after hubby saw it he is determined to change our shower head, that's good!!


Hootin' Anni said…
You are so right about conserving water. Also, by planting lots of trees, we can cut down on polluting the air that is so bad in large cities ---trees, the leaves, thrive on carbon dioxide...the pollutants from all the vehicles.

Outstanding post!!!
mickey mini said…
There is no-one who can say Water is not important because our life and death depends on fresh water.This is one of the basic thing that every living creature for their survival.The main point here that how to save water According to 2012 survey most of water wastage due to leaking of pipes and bursting of pipes in so many areas where poor infrastructure is being built.
Water Leaks Professionals

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