Towers at Myrtle Beach

Hubby and I were outside splitting wood. That means we are preparing for Winter. Good thing somebody gave us cut woods and hubby and my BIL went to the place to get all the cut woods. Anyhow, it's been hot through all this Summer. It's hotter than last year but then I like it very much at the same time I so long to go down south most specially in Myrtle Beach.
Last Sunday my DH son and his wife told us that they are going to Myrtle beach this weekend. I get so envious I tell you ^_^  He told us that they look at the website called and found a good deal. He didn't specifically elaborate into details but he just gave me the website. They once went at towers at Myrtle Beach last year for their honeymoon and still right now they do like to be back all over again. He told us that their are a lot of things to do there. And they enjoyed for the fact that every morning they go to the beach and walk along and enjoy the sunrise. Then after they walk around they go for breakfast and what is really a treat is that they could see the sunrise while sipping fresh coffee and juice with hot pancake. Oh my gush, as I am listening to them talked about their experienced last year my mind is imagining too. When they left I asked hubby that we have to go there in Winter time. Because I also heard that they offer a best rate in this season. I wish to stay there for a month to avoid the heavy snowfall here in MI. Right now I am so set to find a good rate and the place in Myrtle beach for us to enjoy this next season. And for that I have to start saving money ^_^


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