29 days more to go!

As my widgets at my header says, Summer ends in 29 days!! So Fall is here and I love Fall, actually all the 4 seasons I do love because they have beauty on each one. Like Summer all the flowers are in their pristine glory, everything around is green and because it's hot we go to the beach and swim to cool down of course. I am looking forward to Fall because of the changing of colors, the smell of the fresh pies, the hot apple cider, the harvest is plentiful, the canning , it's all fun!!
Sad to say my Peach tree didn't bear fruit, our vegetables didn't give me a lot of produce compare to last years harvest. Hubby told me that we are going to change the location of the garden next year, he believed that the acidity cause by tomatoes might ruin the growth of the other vegetables. But my pumpkin are already orange in color and I have to pick it and decorate it somewhere. 
Today, in some of our neighboring counties they had 59F temperature while here in my place we do have 71F, is this mean that we are starting to get cold? Oh well I love it then no matter what ^_^


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