Forklift guide

I've been around with huge machine specially when I was working for nine years in this company in the Philippines, and why is that, it is because one of my job description is to record the fuel expense and all the replacement parts. This company that I work with has many trucks for deliveries and because of that we had several fork lifts too. Well in order to speed up the hauling for some stuff that are ordered we used fork lifts all the time. It is always  a responsibility for the driver and the mechanic to make the fork lifts runs well and no defects. One time the fork lifts driver tried to lift sacks of sugar in the pallet when all of a sudden it crashed. It was so loud that everybody in the warehouse look at it and go see if somebody was get hurt. Thankfully, nobody was close by but gush I think 2 or 3 sacks of sugar tore  and it spills all over the ground. You see, being safe  conscious is the number thing in this kind of vicinity. So watch out if you see any huge equipment to that matter.


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