Tee times

Oh no Summer will ends in 37 days, so my question to everybody what are  you going to do with the remaining days? Of course, the activities in Fall is too way different from Summer.  I just hope that our Fall is not too cold yet but a bit comfortable to do some outdoor activities like golf.
My step-sons do love to do golfing, in fact my step-son who just married last May went to play golf hours before his wedding haha, that is something else huh!! That's how they are into golfing. Sometimes in our family get together they are not there or they are late to come because they are still playing. Anyhow, last weekend they are talking about 48 hour tee times I just listened about what it is and good thing somebody did explained it to us because us non golfer don't have any idea about what it is. So it was explained well to us that when you have  tee times you are ready to do golfing. My  other steps-son and his family  who spend down south for there vacation this summer did spend a good time with his booking in 48 hour tee times. He was happy that he did booked before the trip because if it was not he might not have the chance to play golf as much as he want. So that is what he told us to those who had not use tee times yet to do it right away most specially if you want your vacation to be enjoyable and memorable.


Tes said…
I'd love to try golf! :)

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