Math isn't a problem

Here in my place our school will open this coming September 7, 2010 I don't know if this schedule is also the same schedule to all the schools all over the country. I know for some parents that they can't wait to send their children to school haha and for some kids they can't wait to go back to school they are already bored to death confined inside the house. I remember in my school days every time the school year starts I am so excited because I am going to have a new bag, notebooks and other things that I need in school. Not knowing that as year progress the subject most specially about math is also getting harder and harder ^_^
It was when I entered middle school and high school that I found out that I am not good in math. Nobody in our household that I could asked about my Algebra 1 and Algebra 2. As in like every day is a struggle for me I knew that deep down inside of me I can learned and do math answers like every body else. And every time our teacher will have an assignment for us I have a hard time with it, and I get envious watching at my classmates the next day comparing their answers and discussing how they got the answers. And when I listened to them and find out what is their answer to the problem and mine is not the same as them I get panic!! That was an experienced I don't want to remember it's like a trauma to me ^_^.
Fortunately, in this time and generation where everybody has a connection with the internet. Everything is laid for everybody to discover that online tutoring is born. Yes oh yes!! Everybody has to know it that math isn't a problem anymore, if I had this privilege growing up I would not end up hating math hahaha! For me it is a liberating feeling for parents as well as the students too. Aside from the math that is the hardest for me two subjects that make K12 and college cringe are the Chemistry and Statistics. I remember last school year my DH granddaughter asked her mom to get Chemistry help and Statistics help, I knew that feeling when you get desperate, but you know you wanted to learned but don't know where to get it? Thankfully, the mom is smart enough to get free math tutoring online and it ended up the friction in the family ^_^


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