Avista resort

One of the most appealing resort that I wanted to spend this Summer is Myrtle Beach Resort because every time I heard about my relatives who had been there talked about it, it's all positive. Last two weeks ago hubby and I went up north MI and the people we've meet there knew about  Myrtle Beach and they are happy that they've been there. They told us that if we go there we should not skip playing golf because they have beautiful golf courses, fun rides, beautiful beach, fresh seafood restaurants and shopping centers. 
Last night while hubby and I are in bed we talked about going down south for the summer getaway and that is when I told him that my interest for now is to go to a Resorts in Myrtle Beach. I told him many times that it interest me because the resort is along the beach and it has a  golf course that he could play any time he wants. And if he doesn't want to play golf I could go around doing some shopping, how cool is that. Just like what our friends told us last few weeks ago. One thing that I so consider to stay in Myrtle Beach Hotel is that their rooms are just fabulous and what makes it more fabulous is that it faces the ocean and I so love to take pictures specially sunrise or sunset and this place is the perfect place for me. I can't wait my hubby and I to be in these place.  We are seeking and looking at this website http://avistaresort.com right now and it looks like by the end of summer we will be there wohooo!


Rossel said…
mukha ngang maganda sa beach na ito a. hope we could go there someday.

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