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Last Saturday, I attended a baby shower party. And in our chitchatting we talked about where they worked and if they do like their job. One of my friend told me that she is not intending to be at her job forever; she is seeking to pursue a course that she thought would make a good career. Another friend of mine told us that she is back to school and it would be her first time to be back in school after she graduated high school few years ago.
It was really a good talk, I thought all our conversation  going home to what I am going to pursue my dreams and if I need to jump in another career path. My step-daughter who is back to school too ^_^ is doing great in changing her career path, she is the one who told me yesterday that she found this website www.wwteachingfellowship.org and it's really a must to see it right away. You see my DH family is into teaching. I noticed a while back that even the in laws are teachers or in the teaching field. My mother is a teacher too in the Philippines and I so respected her devotion in teaching young kids more specially to those who put you in a challenge.
I once asked her is their really a dumb pupil or student? She told me none only a lazy teacher. Oh no!! That is why my mom is teacher for 36 years and no negative feedback that she heard because she is determined and her whole heart is to her pupils. So just like in Woodrow Wilson teaching fellowships they are looking for a very competitive and determine teachers. They are right now welcoming applicants and it will end up in September 1. They are looking for candidates who had completed an undergraduate in a STEM by June 2011, have graduated with a 3.0 GPA or higher and demonstrate a commitment to the program and it's goals.  Remember what my mom told me commitment is a key to a good teacher.
From those fellows  who will apply will complete a field based master's degree in teacher education, commit to teach for at least three years in a high need school and receive intensive support and mentoring in the classroom as well. With all these that has been said a teacher is a career that we can't say JUST a teacher, no way. They are the ones who mold us, they are considered as a second parents to each students and  or pupils. And as far as I know their are many people out there who has the dedication and commitment to give it a try.

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