Meat display Philippine style

When hubby visited me for the first time in the Philippines way back 2003, I immediately exposed him to our lifestyle, culture and tradition. One thing I showed him is our local public market. Our public market is huge, it is divided in several sections, there is a meat market (pork,beef,chicken),vegetable, fish, dried goods area, grains and others. This photo on the left side is my "suki" or patron meat vendor,  in other word I am loyal to this meat store, so when hubby got for the first time in hometown I let him accompany me to the market. I know he doesn't have any idea about what he is about to see. Of course, when he got to see the fresh meat hanging everywhere he was amazed hahaha. In the Philippines we had a different ways of slicing, everything in a pig, cow or chicken is sold. Yup, you got it right everything inside and out is sold!! But since hubby is a farm boy he was not that shocked though but he is amazed that we don't waste anything there, except of course the animals "poop" ^_^


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