Miss Universe 2010

Last night I was having fun watching the Miss Universe pageant 2010. As far as I could remember my first time I did watched Pageantry is when the tv at that time is black and white. And peoples houses has this antenna to get a reception. So that was kind of long time ago. Well, this time all tv's are colored and the connection is cable so nobody is late. 

I was watching the pageant last night in bed with hubby but hubby tried to sleep but when one of my bet Ms. Philippines was called to be one of the top 15, 10 then top 5 my excitement was on the highest level.  Well last night my bet were Ms, Jamaica, Ms. Mexico, and Ms Philippines. Thank goodness all my bets was in the top 5. What I do like most is the answer or Ms. Jamaica. She was asked about death penalty and what she can say about it. Her answer for me is a winner compare to Ms. Mexico, Ms Mexico has to hire an interpreter to interpret her answers and I frankly I didn't catch the whole thing. While Ms Jamaica, she answers it right away with out batting an eyelash hehe. While Ms Philippines was asked to say something about her major mistakes and she told one of the judges she doesn't have one. If she doesn't have one what can you say right? It's very hard to make one when you are in time pressured, it's better to say something that is honest. For me it should be Ms Philippines and Ms Jamaica who is vying for the Ms Universe title but we really don't know the judges perspective in life and what they stand for so be it. They are doing their job well and that is what important. To just be with the 83 candidates to vie for the title is something else. 
One thing that I so missed is the Miss USA!! The Ms USA comes from Michigan and she was never been in top 10 that kind of makes me sad because I thought she is going to win too. Better luck next time Ms USA!



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