Surviving Mesothelioma

I have found this book written by Paul Kraus about his battle of mesothelioma cancer . And 12 years ago the doctor told him his mesothelioma prognosis, he won't live long. My step-daughter also died of cancer. Once a member of your family is sick with cancer it is like the whole family is also affected because everybody just wanted to help, get more information about the disease, deciding to do chemotheraphy, radiation etc is also painstaking. I even wonder what mesothelioma is because I heard it all the time. Mesothelioma as I look at the dictionary a tumor of body cavity lining...a benign or malignant tumor of the lining of the lungs, heart or abdomenoften caused by asbestos exposure.
Sometime we are expose to asbestos but to what extent we could get a mesothelioma cancer is beyond me. But it is scary to think that we can get cancer just by exposure of some chemicals or materials. That is why this book written by Paul Kraus titled  Surviving Mesothelioma cancer is worth buying because he knew what he is talking about. For 12 years he bout the cancer and  that is a long battle for a man. Nothing we lose if we read and get inform, right? 


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