Monday, August 9, 2010

It rained today

Did it just rained? I am kind of worried already the whole week it didn't rained. This morning as I was weeding (yes again!) it started to shower. I had that experienced already that when I was inside the house it didn't rained. This time I didn't go inside the house instead I continued to weed. Then  I noticed the shower became rain. So I ran towards the house and literally it did rain. I am so grateful that it rained because my plants look like they need it. As I was in the garden I picked one zucchini and one summer squash and some tomatoes.  When dinner time came I cooked the fresh picked veggies with shrimps. I stir fry it and with rice I had a good dinner. Hubby ate rice too and my veggies now he is full and just lounging and watching tv. That's our simple life!


Stuff could always be worse said...

I do understand the need for rain, glad you got some...I know the husband watching TV

Elaine @ Commotion said...

It's so hot here right now....rain would be welcome!! Enjoy that simple life.

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