It rained today

Did it just rained? I am kind of worried already the whole week it didn't rained. This morning as I was weeding (yes again!) it started to shower. I had that experienced already that when I was inside the house it didn't rained. This time I didn't go inside the house instead I continued to weed. Then  I noticed the shower became rain. So I ran towards the house and literally it did rain. I am so grateful that it rained because my plants look like they need it. As I was in the garden I picked one zucchini and one summer squash and some tomatoes.  When dinner time came I cooked the fresh picked veggies with shrimps. I stir fry it and with rice I had a good dinner. Hubby ate rice too and my veggies now he is full and just lounging and watching tv. That's our simple life!


I do understand the need for rain, glad you got some...I know the husband watching TV
It's so hot here right now....rain would be welcome!! Enjoy that simple life.

Thanks for visiting my MM!!

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