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It would be 43 days and Summer is done. To look at the numbers it looks like it's too short but for me it's not really. We still have a lot of time to spend  Summer and enjoy the hot sun and the fresh air outside. Living here in MI we knew that when Fall hit us it would get cold not colder but cold. And in Fall that is the time to some some cleaning again! This morning as hubby and I were having our breakfast I told him that it's a fireplace cleaning time again. It is more safety to clean up chimneys and fireplace before Winter came. As I was vacuuming yesterday I see that around our fireplace is somewhat rusty and so I long to have Blomus stainless steel fireplace accessories. Than some kind of iron around the fireplace they get rusted easily. Having a stainless steel fireplace accessories is easy to clean up, unlike if you have an iron or cement like fireplace it's hard to clean like ours. Hubby looked at our fireplace and he knew he had to change it right away before it gets cold. He himself doesn't want to clean outside when it's cold more so go up at the roof and clean the chimney.
The other thing that I would love to have is a Blomus stainless steel mailboxes. I have seen this at one of  my friends house and it was love at first sight. It's clean and neat, you can't missed it because it is pretty! It click in any kind of houses, the design is simple but elegant. If many do like mailboxes that look like old for me I like a stainless steel mailbox that looks like elegant, easy to clean and affordable. 


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