Slim down the easy way

Since the vinegar will be helping you burn fat instead of store it, your daily activities will help you shed inches (and rolls) much more quickly than pounds.

"If a woman whose dress fits tightly will sip TWO TEASPOONFUL of APPLE CIDER VINEGAR in a glass of water at each meal she will find at the end of two months that she can take her dress in one inch at the waistline. At the end of two more months she will be able to take it in another inch, and by the end of the fifth month one more inch. At the end of one year of taking apple cider vinegar in this amount a woman who has taken a size 50 dress will be able to take a size 42, and one who has taken a size 20, to take a size 18. At the end of the same time a younger woman who has worn a size 16 will be able to take a size 14."
So ladies why not start sipping apple cider vinegar now, it's a weight loss plan completely simple and effective. It certainly sounds easy. 



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