Yes it's Friday once again and tonight will be fish and chips. Every Friday night hubby and I go to our county's sportsman club to eat fish and chips. They had the best fish, and they cooked it fry or bake. Aside from the fish they had fried chicken, beans or corn, corn bread, French fries, coleslaw and a good dessert, with just $7.50 for seniors and $8.00 below 65 years old. Hmmm can't beat with the price, right? And oh before I forgot it's eat all you can how is that???
So after the fish and chips dinner tonight. We are going to shop for food for tomorrow's cook out at my steps-sons place. Hubby is excited about it, it's our first time to come together with his other children and do some cook out at my DH son. So guys and gals what is in store for you all this weekend? Happy weekend to all and be safe!


Sounds like a great dinner, and nice family time. Found you at Friday Follow over 40

I'm on a Blog Hop Friday and am your newest follower.

Happy Friday,

LBDDiaries said…
On July 4th, we had our firs cookout with Alpha Hubby's son and family. First time to meet them in 16 years. Had a great time! Hope you do, too!

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