Rain chain

If somebody wants to know what is my therapy to get rid of stress? Bring me close to  nature and with me is my camera I am so relieve by then. This afternoon after hanging here in front of my laptop doing blogging and checking social network I was a bit bored. So I went outside and walked around the house. I looked at the sky and it looks like it is not going to rain yet. I looked at my flowers  some that are planted in the pot are starting to withered so I watered them with rain water. Yes, I have rain water because I have two rain barrels. I love saving rain water and what makes it more fabulous  is that on top of my rain barrel is my rain chain
I have rain chains all over the spot that I have my rain barrels. I love watching the rain comes down through the chain. It's like watching a waterfall it always  mesmerizes me. This chains rain when it cascades is a good subject to my photography too. If only I could go out and take a photo to each one of them I will do it because it's beautiful.


oh, dear

I feel that u understand me very well..

Iam a person very very stressed...do u know? And my cure came slowly by the nature...

Have a nice day
Terry said…
I am following from Friday Follow Over 40.

Great blog!!! Hope you stop by and see me soon. Terry

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