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Next month will be the start of this school year. I see when ever I go to the mall or any school supply store mom's in tow with her kids are busy buying school materials and even new dresses and pants because this summer they grew at little taller or a little bigger ^_^.
Many of my relatives, their kids are already in grade school. Those times when they are in prep school where  they  had to take their kids to school and picked them up after school  is gone. Well yesterday we were at my DH cousin and this daughter him where there too. We talked about shopping school supplies, what school they are enrolled and if the kids are also excited in going back to school. She said that thankfully the kids are excited and now she tried to practice them waking up early in the morning so she don't have any problem when the school starts.  Then we shifted our topic of her planning to go back to school. She told me that at first her husband is not comfortable or okey about the idea but when she told her husband that she will get the Online degree he agreed!! She was so happy because right now she knew that she will go back to working force as soon as the kids will be in the middle school. What good thing happen is that in Ashworth where she plan to take her degree the tuition is 50% off and the books and materials are included in the tuition!! How cool is that!! I myself was so surprised about this information.
So when I get home I talked hubby about it. I look for more information the thing that she gave me and found out that because it's an Online degree you work at your own pace. And then with other programs this one you are guaranteed no student loan debt. Offers zero financing plan and an a low monthly payment plan. Right now I was thinking of plunging to another level of my life and I am so thankful that hubby is very supportive with my decision.
I am thankful that my DH niece talked about this because right now this is something that my mind is into it. I knew I can make it and I knew I succeed. Happy weekend! Visit my sponsor: While the kids are away


eof777 said…
Back to school again... time flies! Glad to connect with you... Happy Follow Friday! Following you!
Anonymous said…
I was able to finish a Masters of Education degree program online. I can tell you from personal experience that there are two things to consider if you are thinking of doing it. First, find a school that has a traditional campus that also offers an online program. That way in the future when you send your resume out those that are still closed minded about online education will not be able to determine just from your resume how you got a degree. Second, if you are not a strong self starter do not do an online program. When you are at home and have all the distractions of your normal life available to you it can be hard to sit there and read four chapters, or to write a paper. I got my degree with Scranton University ( There are lots of choices out there now. Take your time and find the right one for you.
Get GED Online said…
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