Credit score

Wow it's Friday night and of course since it's Friday it's fish and chips time. We always go to our county sportsman club for fish and chips because it's cheap and it's eat all you can. Many of us there my DH daughter and her son and girlfriend came and so my BIL and his family. And like any normal family who is gathered together in one table we talk anything.  Since my step-daughter's son is with us my DH asked him what he is doing aside from work. Well he told us that his girlfriend is going back to school and they are planning to get a house. Fortunately, they already eyed a house close to his mothers house and they so love it.
As the conversation became serious, he told us that it's not easy to buy a house now because it has too many requirements. First thing is that he has to get his credit score straight. I guess before when he was in college he missed some credit card payment and it affects tremendously in his credit scores. Thankfully, his girlfriend has a good credit report. So now they are planning to wait a little bit for him to straighten up his credit score so both of them could apply for a house loan or his girlfriend will get the loan in her name. My DH advices them to wait a little bit and if the house will be sold it's not for them. So listening to their conversation I realize how important here in the US to maintain a good credit score and to get a free credit score you just to go online and put your name and some necessary information and voila you know your credit score in an instant.


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