Oh deer!

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I was at the back of the house watering my flowers when hubby whistle at me. I look around and saw my hubby make a gesture that I didn't understand at first. So I came up to him and she whispered me look behind the barn and in the garden you see a deer eating your plants lol!!
I did walked slowly and hide at the right side of the woodshed which is a little bit farther from the barn but I could see the deer very well. And with my camera on hand I zoom in and click I got him. When I look at the spot where the deer is, the deer is looking at me. Hmmm maybe trying to tell me..."what are you doing"? I gave me a creepy feeling hahahahaha. So I hide again but when I get out again the deer is gone. Maybe the deer was mad at me? LOL! 


Spiderdama said…
Oh, so lovely! They are so cute. Happy you to get a photo:-)
LBDDiaries said…
No, the deer was done eating your garden, smile! Great picture~

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