My brother send me a picture

My brother send me this pictures. This is what happened in a certain area of our city every Sunday! We call it "Tiange" and all the farmers from the mountain will come down and lay all their produce along side of the road. Yup the city council allows this to happened in a certain specific area and day only. Anyhow the next photo below is my nephew and our house help buying fresh vegetables and as I looked at my nephew he is getting tall and bigger and I remember him and me going to the market. He grew up with me and every time I go to the market he wants to tag along with me. Even when I am cooking he is there beside me so I teach him how to mix or just put him at the side to watched me. Now he accompanies our house help to buy for veggies I think I inculcated on him a good trait ^_^.

missed the fresh vegetables


AL said…
I like buying in tiangges 'cos they're fresh and cheap!

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