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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.

Last Saturday I went to a friends baby shower party and one of my friend told me that she had a hard time reaching me through phone. I told her so many times that I used prepaid phone and I always turn it off because a lot of people call the number which I don't know of and that I spend minutes for a conversation telling that it's not this or that who owns this phone and I am already so done with that. My friends knew this of course so she told me to change my phone and I did think about it last Saturday night and what came into my mind is the Boost Mobile, actually I have known Boost Mobile two or three years ago. If I could remember it right, it was the first time it came out. At that time I had a two year contract so I can't do anything, yet.
So yesterday Sunday, I took time to look at  Boost Mobile online. I couldn't believe they have a new feature and it does makes sense their Re-Boost is very appealing to me, very appealing. For the fact that I can do social networking right on the phone at the same time I can pay online, pay by person or pay by phone how cool is that. Ain't we happy that we can almost do anyhing in our phone now a days?? And this phone has all the features. In my search, you can replenish anytime in your own pace, activation process is quick you don't have to wait ages to do that, and there are a lot of options to sign for extras!! Just amazing! Right now since the one using my phone is hubby I should get a new phone and what I like is the Blackberry, oh my gush just thinking about having this phone tickles me!! I so love this phone aside that this phone is pretty, it has plans offered in a great way possible people could afford it without bankrupting your pocket every month. Did I see a new phone on my hand soon of course I do in fact we are going this afternoon to look for one. Happy Monday! Visit my sponsor: Reboost


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