A bad news..

I couldn't believe what my brother just message me on Facebook. He told me that his friend Ton2x died!!! What the heck was going on?? He was very young I think he is in his 30's and I never thought of anything like this happened to him so soon?? I know my brother would have a hard time with this because Ton2x is his friend. Anything that he can't tell to his wife or me he tell it to Ton2x. I just hope that my brother is coping with the lose of a good friend. When I read the message my brother was offline already and I immediately answered his message and asking him what happened and all.
I really couldn't believe it, never!! I am sitting here thinking how life snap like that so quick. I don't have any idea if he is sick or what my brother didn't tell me anything yet. I only pray that his wife and his two kids are doing fine, though I know it hurts them so much, Ton2x is a very good husband and a father. I knew he  will be missed by everybody. May he rest in peace!


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