Hubby appreciates it..

As I was watching the Ms Universe 2010 last night, I was amazed how beautiful are their bodies. Hubby described it as lanky which is for me has a very nice connotation compare to the word thin. Anyhow, here are our conversation goes............
Me: Honey that's my body 20 years ago!
Hubby:  (Looks at me) That's good but it's better now. ^_^
Me : Laugh out loud!
That's my wonderful hubby, he never never criticize me. I've heard some of my friends husband, gave them a lot of do's and dont's. One friend of mine that I just heard that her husband told her that she had to get back to zero size and she is 5 size now. For me that is something else, it just not lower your ego but it pressures you. I am so thankful that my hubby is not like that. Though I also take care of my body to maintain the sexiness and to have a good health, but one thing for sure my hubby never put me down because of the weight issues or anything.
Right now I am in my mid-40's and I felt some days I have mood swings. I talk to hubby about it and I told him to understand me even if I do feel like quarreling him or just me being mean. Anyhow, because of his good nature guy he really didn't care he let me do my thing and never said any negative on me. He always give me a hug and boast my moral if I feel so down and crying without even me knowing what's the reason behind my crying haha. He is the best guy ever!! Besides I am the Ms Universe in his life wohooo!!


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