Does a moon had an effect on us?

Before I got my first dslr Nikon camera, I had  sony, hp and canon (still had it) I so love to picture myself. There is no photo shoot that I am not around or included with it. Now it change, I don't know why. I don't like to be in front of the camera but I'd like to be behind the camera with my dslr taking pictures and I so love doing it. Just today I woke up not feeling perky or happy, I am not sad, my mood just conduit to what is the weather outside it's very gloomy. So what I did I went outside brought my camera and took a lot of photos. It was windy a bit so I didn't go far through grassy area of the field but took a lot of photos just right behind our house. But I think because I am not in the mood I really don't feel doing it. Right now hubby just keep on looking at me and trying to talked to me but I don't feel like talking, poor hubby! It's very rare in our house to be too quite, hubby got deaf with the atmosphere right now because I knew it's not me, if I am gay and happy I talk and talk,  and laugh out loud. Now the house is too quite but can't help it, my mouth can't make it open, just close for now. Oh by the way, is it full moon tonight or tomorrow? Could a moon had an effect on somebody's mood? I don't know!!


Lily Hydrangea said…
I'm betting it does. I just watched a TV special on the Moon and it's effects on the earth - on the National Geographic channel last night. If the Moon affects this earth, which is a living breathing organism, why wouldn't it affect us?

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