Mariel and Binoy

I was watching The Buzz today and I was surprised that in one of their segment it's all about Mariel and Robin Padilla. I didn't expected that they are on now!! I watched it giggling because I think they are compatible. Mariel is soft spoken and sweet girl while Robin Padilla is a bit aggressive but respectful person. I also noticed that they both have the same features and I only hope that their relationship will bloom to where ever they want it go. I could see the face of Mariel that she is very happy and Robin P. gave here a ring worth 1.2 million pesosesoses!! Gushness ang haba nang hair ni Mariel!! Like them as a couple hope they will last. 


niko said…
omg!! 1.2M worth of ring??!! wahhhh

engagement ring na ba yan? kalurkey ha! hihih

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