This is just a small part of what you can see in a jewelry showcase in one of the store in my city in the Philippines. Yup, when I was still there I used to visit this store just to look the jewelries and admire it. Way back I used to buy jewelries and at that time the price per ounce is 600 pesos that is what we call Chinese gold. Last year when I had my visit in the Philippines I found out that per ounce of gold now is 1,600 pesos. I knew I can't buy jewelries again it's too expensive and for now it's not my priority. 
Anyhow, this photo was taken when a friend of mine told me to check a Chinese gold charm bracelet. I did found one and I took picture and send it to my friend.  She loves it but she didn't asked me to buy it. Now she  told me she still think of that bracelet hehe too bad huh!


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