Knowing Jake

This morning after breakfast I immediately checked my blog. I love blogging, I meet people from all over the world just because of blogging. This morning I happened to see one new following and his name is OLD GEEZER BLOG, of course I visited his blog and read his entries, leave comment and do the following too. Along my reading I found a comment that ignite my curiosity, and that comes from MIZMOLLYE, I didn't hesitate to click Mizmollye blog and there I found her memories and tribute to his son Jake. As I was reading, my tears can't stopped from falling. The entry is not sentimental it's a mother who remember his son Jake. But every words that Mizmollye wrote I feel the pain and the longing for her son. And I knew little by little through the account of his loving mother, we all knew Jake. As Mismollye wrote:

I've been doing a lot of reading, praying, listening to others and thinking and I believe that when the blast of the shotgun entered Jake's neck that his soul was lifted from his precious body at the same instant he was looking up seeing Jesus, arms wide open welcoming him into heaven, saying "Jake c'mon home" and Jake was trying to say WOW!

I just miss and love my boy like crazy.

Bless His Heart!

                                                   In memory of Jake, May he rest in peace!


MOLLYE said…
Oh Honey my tears afe falling and I am so honored that you would feature my boy on your blog. My beart is breaking but I just want all my sweet friends in bloggyworld to know a bit about my son and the legacy he has left us. Thank you my new friend. Love Mollye
Manang Kim said…
Hi Molly, thanks for allowing me to write about Jake. I knew our words couldn't suffice the pain that you are experiencing right now but remember always you and your family are always in my thoughts and prayers. God bless!!

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