Find your skill

I was watching the new yesterday and the news is all about unemployment rate. It goes high as of the report from business news but what I've heard from other people, it says it's picking up. I know in my area it's not picking up, many people who owned their houses for years lose it because one got layed off and couldn't pay the mortgage payment now. I was thinking through all what's happening around us, we should have a skill that we could find a job. A skill that you learned from school and that anybody could make money with her/his own knowledge or get employed. I was talking to this with my friend last night and she told me in Arizona she found schools who offered those kind of learning just like Arizona cosmetology schools. I remember the first time I came here in the US my DH grand daughters went to a cosmetology schools and now they are working in their own pace and time. Love doing it when you are working with your own pace and time you are most likely don't get bored in the hum drum of daily work. As for my friend since her son is in school now she is looking forward to know what's the deal about it but she is willing to learn and that is what matters most.


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