Motor home

As I have told one time here in my blog, I am not really that fan of camping most specially if I have to lay down on the ground with just a thin sleeping bag. But it doesn't mean that I am not open to do camping if I have the right equipment and of course if I have my own motor home. Here in MI when you drive going north  you can see in the interstate highway all these beautiful motor homes, they are not just beautiful but also huge. My DH daughter has a camper and my DH son has motor home.Well the difference of the two is the that motor home has more space than a camper and geez as I have known there are a lot of good and beautiful inside the new motor homes now. I knew they are not that cheap but who knows someday we will going to have one and when ever hubby and I think of where to go we are in our motor home and on the road we are happy.


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