Coffee online

Yesterday, hubby went to the grocery alone ^_^. Before, when he go to the grocery alone he came with stuff that we don't need. Well he says that we might need it soon or it's on sale ^_^. I don't get mad about that but I told him sometimes it's a waste of money because I rather cook than cook preservative food for us. Then I noticed that when he goes to grocery alone he didn't get much stuff that we don't need anymore. Yesterday, as he came home, I didn't looked what he bought but I was sitting at the dinner table reading and he told me he bought coffee, hmmm I jokingly told him is it on my grocery list? He answered nope!! Then I burst to laughter because he knew if it's not on my list I would have a long time about it. But I just let him, this time his coffee is out and it's about time for him to buy one. When he is done putting all the groceries I told him that if he likes  to
Buy Coffee Online I can do it for him. I like him to taste pure good coffee and oftentimes we can find it online. His eyes lit up because he loves coffee and he knew that I oftentimes spoiled him a lot hehe!


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