Bird feeder

How could you resist every morning you see  this beautiful thing happening right outside in our window. I was smiling when I took this photo, I haven't seen a hummingbird this past few years but this time I had good chance of seeing them everyday in the morning and in the afternoon.
This past few weeks I didn't see them much. And I also find out that when it's the month of August it's about time to take off the hummingbird feeder because this time it's their time to migrate to places that is warm in Fall and Winter. That is only what I've heard and I don't have any proof that this is true. BUT I also don't want my hummingbird to be left behind in case in this month they are starting to migrate. They have to migrate because for sure in Fall and Winter they would not last long, and if they will stay just because I still feed them and they die I would not like that either. So I decided to take off my hummingbird feeder just to be safe. And long lost to my friend hummingbird see yah next Spring and Summer!


Jew Wishes said…
What a lovely capture of the hummingbird. So sweet.

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