I won!

Nope I didn't won in lotto sweepstakes I wish, but last Saturday at my friends baby shower party in one of their games I won $33.00!!! Yup that's it a whooping $33.00 hahaha. I didn't know what's the name of that game but what we did is we bought cards for $1 each. I had plenty of quarters so I bought 2 cards. The mechanics then is  to scratch the three squares and in the card you have to  find YOU HAVE WON words! When I scratch the first square I already saw the word YOU but you know how it is in this kind of game sometime they mixed the last two words so I didn't holler first. When I scratch the second and the last square I knew I am the winner and did I screamed loud haha!! Then when we play the Baby Bingo game my two cards won but they don't let me win they told me to give it to somebody else is that fair??? Wahhh!! But it was okey I got the highest winning that night, went home happy!


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