I am pissed off

Arg...I am just so pissed off.  I just wonder if it is only me who happens to have a person that you don't like. If it is just me then I have a problem but it others do feel it too then welcome to the real world hehe. I don't know if I am sensitive or have this gift (what gift) to know and feel the aura of a certain person in the first meeting. I always told my hubby " I told you so" that is what she/he is, that is why be careful, but hubby is very trusting and just nice person. I am also a trusting and nice but not as much as my hubby lol!! What I don't like in people is an abuser I so hate it to the core!! If he/she is a fly I just don't swat it but crushed it like there is no tomorrow hahahaha. Oh my gush, I should not say this here in my blog this would be read all over the whole wide world but had to release the negative feeling I do have right now, because if not I ended up having a headache, grr! Oh well life is too short to dwell on this kind of people (but I am still pissed off  though), I'd rather eat doughnut and enjoy life what the heck!


A.M.I.N.A said…
Don't let this kind of people ruin your day Khim.
Vernz said…
a very perfect solution eating donut.... one thing is sure you're a human being .. you got pissed off.... hehhe... dropping by Manang Kim..

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