Got home from fish and chips as usual, since it's Friday. The day started today as gloomy and I thought it would rain again but it didn't. So the temperature picked up again and it ended up until a little above 80F wheww!! I see the grass and plants still need more rain water but again as I've said yesterday I am so thankful it rained yesterday.
Anyhow, I was watching the 6 o'clock news and it's kind of sad that many of the crimes that are committed by people is because they are into illegal drugs or  to much drinking alcohol. They were addicted to it that they already don't know how to get rid of the substance in their system. I think almost everybody knew somebody who are drug addict or alcoholic and just by the thought or just looking at them it's very sad. We don't know how to help them personally but if we dig deeper  their is always a solution to every problem. Just like if we know somebody who is using illegal drugs and is alcoholic there are facilities now that deals drug treatment and alcohol treatment. These places do help people who are suffering this problem it is called drug rehab and alcohol rehab. Families should not be ashamed to bring their loved ones to this places because it can surely help them to get back to where they came from. And they treated these people with so much care. The ambiance of the place is like you are at home. 
My SIL's grandson because he is suffering from being an alcoholic for years did went to an alcoholic treatment center and thankfully for months that he went to this place he is recovering from this ailment. And just like what I have said we the loved ones should not be ashamed to offer help or bring them to this facilities  because for sure they can and will recover.


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