Good things at JK Adams

Wow this afternoon it rained. This morning as I walked around and looked at my veggies and flowers they look like they are dehydrated lol!! Our water hose is not too long so I can't water them. Thankfully, this afternoon it did rain and it's a lot!! 

I remember three years ago hubby and I attended his nephews wedding at Austin, Texas. Actually they live in San Antonio, Texas but the soon to be bride is from Austin. To make the story short after the wedding we all went to their huge house in BJ lake and in there I witnessed the opening of the wedding gifts. And oh my, the gifts are so gorgeous most specially the ones for the kitchen. I think the bride specifically asked her friends to gave her the J.K. Adams product and I think right there I had a crush in there product. We were surrounding her cheering her about what she got and she got the most beautiful wedding gift like jk adams wine rack, jk adams cutting board,  jk adams pot rack and jk adams spice rack!! At the end we teased her JK Adams model because she just love the product and so do I. 
When we got home I looked at it immediately online and found out they have plenty of products to choose from and I have said they are gorgeous in the picture most specially in person. Now I am trying to save for a JK Adams pot rack and JK Adams cutting board, or I might tell Santa Claus to buy it for me as present this coming Christmas season hehe. 


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