Fire Ants

Every afternoon specially it's sunset time I am always outside waiting and watching the sky unfold its beauty. Every day there is always a different cloud formation or colors in the sky. But to do that I have to walk through the tall grasses and sometimes because I am very excited to take a picture I don't mind putting on my long pants, socks and shoes.
Well this afternoon I run off towards the field and took photos of the blue sky when I happened to notice this red ants! Geez I felt goosebumps all around me!! I looked further and found the ants mound the more it felt creepy!! I called hubby and he found out that it's red ants thank goodness I didn't stepped on the mound or else I might be beaten and sometimes there sting is fatal. Hubby looked immediately at this website how to get rid of fire ant mounds and he immediately take care of it.
I thought a small insect like ants are not life threatening but when I read the information about fire ants it can kill somebody, not good huh!! So it pays to read, take a look and know what is surrounding you. Happy weekend!


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