Grande shores

I woke up this morning feeling so good because I had a good night sleep and at the same time I hear the sound of the rain. The air is cool not from the air condition but from the fresh breeze outside, since I open our window *just a little* to let the air come in. Then hubby prepare for me my breakfast and for  the first time he make me a fried rice *i'm the queen* hehe! And I cooked fish I call it "paksiw". As we ate our conversation shifted about how I like to eat fish and rice, so I told hubby it's because back in the Philippines fish is fresh and it is abundant in our area. He continued to tell me that his son and family is already heading to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina through the help of !! And he jokingly told me that he hopes they could find a lot of fish there and I told him I bet they would because as what I've heard from my relatives who was already there, there are many restaurants that serves fresh seafood. 
Because of the website that was given to my step-son he was able to get a good Myrtle beach vacation deals. Last night he called my DH and he told him how beautiful the place is. It overwhelmed them how good the service and accommodation and how they enjoyed their stay and they were there just a day. He was thankful that my other step-son gave him the website and how he is very relieve that he got Myrtle beach hotel as the place he choose to spend this summer with his family. He invited us to come and I told hubby I am so ready to go. 
Hubby is always open to all my suggestion and he knew how I love to go near an ocean front beach hotel most specially in Myrtle beach because I heard so much about it. I am crossing my finger that we could visit the beach this year. And most of all their rates is affordable and everything you want to see is there. I am wishing upon the star we could go this year. ^_^


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