Giving in for a dishwasher

Guest post written by Robin Cera

After three years of living in my house, I forfeited to the idea of a dishwasher.
I thought that the idea of washing dishes in the sink was quaint and a machine would ruin the look of my country kitchen but I obviously had never gone without an electric dishwasher before.
Most of my meals consist of takeout so I don’t use a whole lot of dishes when preparing food, (which mainly means dumping food out of a container onto a plate and grabbing a fork). But those plates still pile up.
So I started looking into dishwashers and just decided to get my whole kitchen remodeled. I found Home Pro Improvement, which had some reasonable prices, and I was tiring of the country look anyway. The installers were really nice and worked well with my demands. I have a bit habit of micro-managing everything, which can get on people’s nerves. But every time I popped in to see how everything was going they were super polite.
Now after my dishes pile up for about a week I can load them into my dishwasher instead of doing it myself and plan where my next meal is coming from.


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