ABC Wednesday~A


                                                                     ~~ deep blue

Join and have fun at ABC Wednesday


mrsnesbitt said…
A ecclectic selection - isn't it fun to spot things for ABC Wednesday when we are out and about?

Thanks so much for being part of the Wednesday fun - looking forward to your Round 7 contributions!

ABC Team
Sylvia K said…
Great words for the A Day! I love your photos as always! Look forward to sharing more of the fun! Have a great week!

RuneE said…
A red car would have been nice :-)
photowannabe said…
What a great collection of A words. Your Azure post is lovely.
Nifty photos, esp. azure.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team
Dani said…
great selection for A words.

Thank you.
LisaF said…
The Abby shots are really nice! Great eye to spot the azure in the windows. And "automobile" doesn't quite capture the essence of that red car, does it?! :-D
You had some very good A's! I love the Abby. What pretty architecture.
Tumblewords: said…
Excellent A photos! Stunning azure view.
Wanda said…
What a delightful array of photos.

Great way to start the new round.
Jama said…
That's my favorite color, Azure-so cooling and calming.
Gramma Ann said…
Everyone I visit is so creative, I need to start drinking creative juice, I do believe. I love the red Automobile.
fredamans said…
Jingle said…
amazing words.
Cheryl said…
Beautiful shots. Great choices for A.
Leo said…
Awesome selections for the words! :)

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